360 Multi-Rater Feedback Process
The 360 Multi-Rater Feedback Process is a developmental tool for managers.

  • Raters (self, boss, peers, direct reports) with differing perspectives evaluate a focal manager’s job performance.
  • Ratings by peers and direct reports are aggregated (within each group) to protect anonymity and encourage candid responses.
  • Comprehensive feedback summarizing these perspectives is provided.
  • Feedback guides developmental activities.

Online administration is fast and efficient. Three components include:

  1. nominating raters by the focal manager,
  2. rating the manager’s performance, and
  3. obtaining and reviewing a 360 Feedback Report.

This Demonstration illustrates the basic concepts, processes, and functions of the 360 Multi-Rater Feedback Process. These capabilities can be readily adapted to the needs of clients. 

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