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Online Surveys

Why do Surveys Online?There are numerous advantages of online survey administration and reporting, including: Online administration is faster and more…

Strategic Linkage

Information to InsightWhat is Strategic Linkage? Strategic Linkage uses statistical analysis to discover relationships among performance indicators such as employee opinions,…

360 Feedback Surveys

360 Multi-Rater Feedback ProcessThe 360 Multi-Rater Feedback Process is a developmental tool for managers. Raters (self, boss, peers, direct reports)…

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Vance & Renz, LLC of State College, Pennsylvania, USA provides customer-focused solutions to problems in organizational development, personnel selection and training, and human resources management. Much of their work includes an information technology component, providing custom-designed online and locally administered database systems. The principals of Vance & Renz, LLC are Dr. Robert J. Vance and Mr. Michael S. Renz. The Company was formed in 2001. For further information, please contact us at

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